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Westmoreland Sanitary Landfill Applies for Permit to Evaporate Leachate

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Leachate Pond

The Westmoreland Sanitary Landfill applied for a state permit to evaporate leachate (liquid runoff) from the site, putting nearby residents, especially vulnerable populations, and sanitary workers at risk. This landfill started accepting shale gas drilling (fracking) waste in 2010, according to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. If the liquid runoff is evaporated, the air would be contaminated with pollutants and hazardous substances. Some causes for concern include Arsenic, Selenium, Iron, Radium, Strontium, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) (including carbon monoxide [CO]). These entities cause a range of maladies, including cancers, respiratory impacts, and other concerning conditions.

The official comment period ended June 8, but you can still submit a letter to the DEP at this time.

Read Protect PT's letter to the DEP to request a public hearing so the public can comment on this important issue.

Download PDF • 5.41MB

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