Our Board

Board positions are elected and new members are welcome to join at our Annual Member Breakfast on January 25th, 2020, at 9:30 am. If you are ready to help propel our organization into the future, please fill out our form to be considered for a position before our member breakfast. We will be voting on Board officer positions with our members at that time. If you have questions, please contact me at gillian@protectpt.org or call 724-392-7023.

2020 Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held every other month on the second Monday of the month starting at 6:30 pm, at 3344 Route 130, Suite D, Harrison City, PA 15636.

  • February 10th

  • April 13th

  • June 8th

  • August 10th

  • October 12th

  • December 14th

Special meetings may be called on special matters when necessary. Schedule subject to change based on essential personnel or member availability. Meeting minutes are emailed to the board the week before the meeting. Not a Board Member but would like to attend?


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Board Roles

Chair: the liaison with Executive Director and preside at all meetings of the Board.


Vice-Chair / Chair-Elect: attend all meetings as a voting member and shall assist the President and Executive Director in the organization. Chair-Elect may be assigned such other responsibilities as will prepare them for assuming the duties of Chair.


Treasurer: responsible for the receipt and disbursement of all monies of PPT Inc., ensure that a true and accurate record of all receipts and disbursements of funds of be kept, and that financial reports, income, and balance statements, be prepared and reported at each business meeting of the Board.


Secretary: record, maintain, and distribute all minutes of meetings of the Board as appropriate and coordinate and oversee the maintenance of all official Board correspondence.


Members at large: all other members of the Board that do not hold a particular office but have full voting rights on all matters, volunteer for additional tasks and committees when needed.​

Board Responsibilities:


Voting members of the Board shall act as trustees of the Corporation, to accept fiduciary responsibility for the organization, and to set policy. The Board acts in the name of Promote PT, Inc. to:

  • Adopt and amend the goals of PPT, Inc. and develop policies to achieve these goals and objectives.

  • Approve all official policies of PPT Inc, including, but not limited to, Legal, Finance, Fundraising, and Organizational Design.

  • Approve all budgets and financial statements of PPT Inc.

  • Adopt and amend the Bylaws of PPT Inc.

  • Attend all board meetings (2 hours/ every other month) but can be every month at the discretion of the Board. Special meetings can be called by a member of the Board when needed.

  • Study and understand issues in advance of meetings. Agendas will be provided by the Executive Director and agenda items can be added by any member.

  • Volunteer at times when needed and asked to do so and attend occasional events.

  • Be the governing body of the organization and assist in carrying out the mission of the organization.

  • Recruit new members of the Board and the organization and be ambassadors of the organization.

  • Make a meaningful annual gift or in-kind contribution.

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