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Plum injection well birds eye view

Plum Injection Well

Fracking Waste Disposal Injection Well Threatens Pittsburgh’s Drinking Water:

The Plum Injection Well is situated near the Allegheny River, the drinking water source for the city of Pittsburgh and surrounding communities. A leak from the injection well could impact hundreds of thousands of residents. Watch the video on the right to learn more about the risks.

Over 75 residents sent comments to EPA in July telling them to deny permits for this injection well!

Protect PT's June 28th, 2022 Comment on Sedat 4A, the second permit application to EPA

Sedat 4A Comment EPA_PPT_Rindy.jpg

In spite of the lack of community support, PA DEP and EPA approved the Sedat 3A Injection Well. This well began accepting fracking waste in 2021. Currently, Penneco is seeking to add a second injection well to the site. This new well is called Sedat 4A.

Safe Water Drinking Act Factsheet.jpg

Residents share their experiences:

Residents have reported horrible smells and pollution, excessive noise and truck traffic, water contamination and health impacts from the Sedat 3A Injection Well in Plum. Several residents have expressed concerns about the proposed Sedat 4A Injection Well, which would be located at the same site as the existing well. 

Plum Borough and Protect PT Challenge Injection Well

In January 2022, the Plum Borough Zoning Hearing Board reluctantly approved the Sedat 4A Injection Well. Plum Borough appealed the decision of their own Zoning Hearing Board in a unique case. Protect PT filed joined the appeal in support of residents in Plum. 

Appeals require paying for expert witnesses and other legal fees. Your donation of any amount helps us challenge this injection well.

Are you a Plum Resident?

Take our survey so we can share resources to help you navigate the protection of your family.

Katie Trib.PNG

Katie shows reporters bottles of her water before and after the first injection well started.


Water testing near the Plum Injection Well

Community Meetings:

Learn more about preparing for oil and gas development in your community by attending one of our Home Resource Guide Workshops

What you need to know about injection wells

Read the letter to Gov. Wolf regarding the revocation of Plum Injection Well permit and the risks of the project on the public.

Plum Injection well letter regarding the Well permit and public risks

Read the letter from the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority and the Mayor written to Governor Wolf requesting that he intervene in the Plum Injection Well to protect Pittsburgh's water

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