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Take Action!

Check out our updated list of actions that people like you can take to better your community!

If you value environmental protection and are concerned with how it can affect you or other community members like you, then I urge you to take the time to complete any of the forms we have listed. Each form is unique so take the time to review each description.

Show Support for Stronger Fracking Pollution Standards

It's no secret that fracking negatively impacts the environment and is actively contributing to the ongoing climate crisis. The gas industry needs to be held responsible for their reckless amount of VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions like carcinogenic benzene. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed new, strengthened pollution standards for new and existing gas wells and compressor stations. The proposed standards require air pollution inspections at all oil and gas extraction facilities and include significant updates to required pollution control technologies. You can submit a comment to the EPA showing your support for these proposed regulations using our easy-to-fill-out form. Please feel free to customize our pre-written message with your own sentiments.The deadline for comments is February 13, 2023.

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Demand Protective Buffers For Fracking Sites

Throughout the past decade, fracking and related infrastructure have moved dangerously close to our homes, schools and communities. As these highly industrialized operations move ever closer, they continue to pollute our air, contaminate our water, and harm our health. (Please note this petition is in partnership with Clean Air Council and other organizations. If you would like to learn more about the Protective Buffers Campaign, visit the website).

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Support Continued Advocacy!

Your gifts support continued advocacy to ensure the safety, security, and quality of life for Westmoreland and Allegheny County residents.

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