Barb has lived in the home her husband built for her for more than 50 years. But Barb’s home is under threat. Olympus Energy (formerly Huntley & Huntley) is trying to put a fracking pad about a mile from Barb’s home.

The proposed fracking well pad would bring excessive noise, truck traffic, and dangerous chemicals into Barb’s community. A traffic impact study states that there would be 746 heavy truck trips per day during completion at the site.

“Who are you going to depend on for them to do the work correctly?” Barb said. “These companies cannot be trusted to self-report accurately.”

Barb’s story is not unique. By asking Protect PT to participate in local hearings on behalf of residents, the local government was able to hear experts testify about the public health impacts associated with fracking to guide them in their decision-making process.

“We are finding that people’s noise complaints correspond with the increased decibel levels we see in our noise studies,” said Graber. “The sleep disruption residents experience can lead to increased risk of anxiety and stress, especially in children. As a mother, I find this risk to our children too great.”

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