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hydralic fracking

Monitoring Programs

What is Fracking?

How does Fracking affect Economic Development and Property Values?

A study conducted by researchers at Duke University found that the risks and potential liabilities of drilling outweigh economic benefits like lease payments and potential economic development in Washington County, PA. Penn Township is no different!  Click Here to view report.
Protect PT has an extensive collection of resource documents (like the DEP and PT permits/applications, etc) If you want to view any documents that Protect PT has made available you may find it on this page or if there are documents you would like to share with us, please CONTACT us directly through this site. We thank you for your interest, information and concern.

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Living Near
Shale Gas

The Living Near Shale Gas Community Workshops are a series of trainings that cover topics surrounding oil and gas development, from extraction and production to transportation and waste issues. This series is broken up into multiple sections to mirror the Home Resource Guide, which is a binder we put together with resources for you and other community members to keep in your home to have at your fingertips.

These trainings are free and open to the public. You will receive a copy of the Home Resource Guide when you attend a training. If you would like to request training to be scheduled for your community, please contact

Upcoming Living Near Shale Gas Community Workshops


November 11th - Penn Township

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Want to Learn More?

Complaint and Compliance Management

AG Complaint Line


Documenting and reporting to the proper agency is critical to your protection.

Lights, Noise, Action. Lots of action! As unconventional gas development commences in Penn Township, residents will be exposed to the different stages of this heavy industrial process in close proximity to our homes, businesses, and schools. These stages include construction of well pads, drilling of vertical and horizontal bores, hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”), flowback wastewater management, and completion. 

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