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Level Green
Lyons Run Pipeline

Where is this

Pipeline Going? 

The Level Green and Lyons Run Pipeline, proposed by Apex WML Midstream LLC would transport unprocessed, fracked gas from the proposed Drakulic Well Pad through Level Green and Murrysville. The proposed pipeline measures 8" in diameter. 

Many residents have been approached about signing easements for the pipeline to run through their property. If you are approached to sign an easement, you should know:

  • You DO NOT need to sign - you have a right to say no to putting this pipeline through your property

  • The pipeline operator cannot take your property through Eminent Domain (this is a convenience pipeline, not a public utility)

You can find out more information about the proposed pipeline and the operator Apex by downloading this slide presentation. You can also watch the video recording of the presentation on this page.

Who Oversees

This Pipeline?

The PA DEP reviews and permits erosion and sediment control, water and wetlands, as well as temporary road crossings for construction. The Public Utility Commission (PUC) requires registration of natural gas gathering pipelines and performs inspections after the pipeline is in operation. However, it is unclear what safety requirements are in place. Protect PT is continuing to investigate. 

What is HDD?

Horizontal Direction Drilling is method for installing underground pipelines that uses a drill on the surface (entry point drilling pit) to bore a hole into the subsurface using thousands of gallons of water and bentonite clay for lubricant. 

Issues with HDD:

HDD can lead to inadvertent returns, where the drilling fluid returns to the surface. The release of drilling fluid can impact aquatic life and impair aquifers and drinking wells.

How Close Are You?

See the Level Green and Lyons Run Portions of the Pipeline by Apex WML Midstream LLC.

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