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Protect Penn-Trafford is a citizen's group working to ensure the safety, security, and quality of life from the effects of unconventional gas development in Penn-Trafford and surrounding communities in Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties.

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Who are we?


Protect PT (Penn-Trafford) is a nonprofit
organization dedicated to ensuring residents’
safety, security, and quality of life by engaging
in education and advocacy to protect the
economic, environmental, and legal rights of the
people in Westmoreland and Allegheny counties.


Since starting as a group of neighbors working
together to protect their neighborhood from
fracking in late 2014, Protect PT has grown to
a community-based organization with staff,
volunteers, and members.

Local Ordinance Advocacy


Have you renewed your membership this year? Check your membership and donations using our new secure online portal. Have questions about the portal? You can email to learn more.

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Youth Action

Do you know youth interested in helping the climate and their community? Check out our youth page to see opportunities for youth.

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