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Violation Alerts

2024 Violation Alerts

Permit Violations 11162021 (1).png

Water Management Plan Source 13 Violation

May 3, 2024

Operator is required to measure the flow of water instream, specifically the passby which is measured in CFS or cubic feet per second. This is used to quantify the rate of flow or discharge of water in rivers, streams etc. passing through a specific point within one second. It is used to assess water availability. The operator failed to measure this properly and withdrew on days in which the CFS was below the standard violating several regulations.

Permit Violations 11162021.png

Athena Well Pad Violation

April 16, 2024

Operator failed to take actions for the site to be permanently stabilized and protected from accelerated erosion and sedimentation. Erosion and sediment plans are important and required to prevent environmental damage, mitigate potential flooding and property damage, protect infrastructure, and practice sustainable land management.

Additionally, the operator has not resolved previous violations from March around contamination of local waterways.

Permit Violations 11162021.png

Athena Well Pad Violation

February 1, 2024

Operator had a spill occur on the site at an unknown time and penetrated the surface of the ground for an unknown length of time. They were given violations for threatening waterways, not taking precautions to avoid impacting waterways, failing to manage waste properly, and processing residual waste without a permit.

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