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firefighters at a burning building

Emergency and Disaster Preparedness

If you witness or experience an emergency, call 911.

Sirens, Whistles, Flashing Lights. These are the sights and sounds of emergency vehicles rushing to the scene. Shale gas production brings a new danger to our community. As unconventional gas development commences in Penn Township, residents will be exposed to the different stages of this heavy industrial process in close proximity to our homes, businesses, and schools. These stages include construction of well pads, drilling of vertical and horizontal bores, high volume hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”), flowback wastewater management, and completion.


Undeniably, each stage of this heavy industrial activity brings with it inherent risks to our quiet, rural community. Some of the potential issues include, but are not limited to, truck accidents, transportation of toxic chemicals, chemical spills, gas leaks, dust filled air, and explosions/fires. It is a misconception that state and local regulations alone will ensure your protection. With 10 well pads and 50 plus wells currently proposed by Apex and Huntley & Huntley in our township, residents need to be reassured that our first responders are ready to protect the community.


It is your job to protect your family. Continue reading to learn more about: 

-How to document an emergency

-What a PPC plan is and why is it important

-Spill response & remediation of exposure to toxins through spills and air emissions

-How the community, local governments, and county can support our first responders

pipeline explosion in Salem Township Pennsylvania

Pipeline Explosion in Salem Township

What your family will need in case of an emergency:


  1. Be Prepared with a home emergency kit

  2. Prepare your vehicle with an emergency kit

  3. Make a family emergency plan

  4. Prepare your pets


Here are some state resources we found with helpful you will need to prepare your family for an emergency.

Pennsylvania Emergency Preparedness Guide

Family Emergency Plan


For additional questions contact:  

Mary Beth Eslary, Public Information Officer, and Outreach Coordinator
724-600-7305 – Office/ 724-600-9539 – Cell
911 Public Safety Lane, Greensburg, PA  15601


For more state resources, go to

Statoil Well Site Fire

Emergency Contact List

Local Emergency Numbers

Steps to calling 9-1-1

  1. Ask for Westmoreland County 911 (if you calling from a 412 area code, you may be connected to Allegheny County)

  2. State address of your emergency (see well pad addresses)

Well Site 911 Addresses

  - Quest: 918 Walton Rd. Jeannette, PA 15644

  - Drakulic: 1059 1st Street, Trafford, PA 15085

  - Deutsch: 291 Saunders Station Road, Trafford, PA 15146

  - Backus: 405 Sedona Ln. Trafford, PA 15085

  - Numis: Connected to Backus, same address

  - Poseidon: 2001 Snyder Rd. Jeannette, PA 15644

  - White: No address is given: Property located off Bush Run Road (SR 993) between Claridge Elliott   -  Road and Baughman Road

  - Beattie: 1122 Dutch Hollow Rd, Jeannette, Pa 15644

  - Draftina: 1051 Dutch Hollow Rd, Jeannette, PA 15644

  - Gaia: 2002 Denmark Manor Rd. Export, PA 15632 (not permitted yet)

  - Metis: 1260 Harrison City Export Rd. Jeannette, PA 15644 (not permitted yet)

Penn Township Fire Departments

Level Green Fire Department - 412-372-9669

Harrison City Fire Department- 724-744-4477

Claridge Fire Department- 724-744-2400

Grandview  Fire Department - 724-523-8251

Paintertown Fire Department - 724-863-7769

Penn Township Ambulance

1030 Sandy Hill Road

Irwin, PA 15642


Supervisor: Edgar C. Grant

Click here for a full list of our local first responders, chiefs, contact information and  how many in a house.

Local Hospitals

UPMC East Hospital | 412-357-3000-2775 Mosside Blvd., Monroeville, PA  15146

Forbes Regional Hospital | 412-858-2000, 2570 Haymaker Rd., Monroeville, PA  15146

Westmoreland Regional Hospital | 724-832-4000, 532 West Pittsburgh Street, Greensburg, PA  15601


Firefighter equipment

To learn more about emergency and disaster preparedness,
Sign up for a Home Resource Guide Workshop

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