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Youth protest for climate action

 Youth Action 

How to Get Involved

Too often youth are overlooked when it comes to the climate movement. They are told that they do not know what they are talking about, or that their opinion does not matter due to their inability to vote. We at Protect PT realize that this is far from the case. Protect PT acknowledges that the youth have tremendous power to affect change; they just need to be provided with the proper resources. These resources include a group of adults that will amplify their voices and a network of fellow youth that are willing to work alongside them. Protect PT plans to provide these resources through the Team Building for Climate Action Program. Groups of third to eighth-graders will be paired with teen leaders to determine environmentally-related changes that they want to make in their community. Teams will learn to create comprehensive plans with achievable steps. Participants will receive prizes as they reach checkpoints in the program. However, the rewards go so much deeper than these prizes. Mentees who participate in this program will be able to develop stronger social skills while simultaneously becoming more informed members of society. Mentors will be able to strengthen their resumé and their leadership skills. Even parents will benefit as young kids fill up their free time with meaningful work.

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Climate Strike 2019

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