Westmoreland Sanitary Landfill Press Conference

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Juky 8,2020 open landfill AFTER

Why WSL?

In October 2020 Protect PT sent over 7,000 Every Door Direct Mailed surveys to residents surrounding the Westmoreland County Landfill. We wanted to find out from residents what impacts they have experienced living near the landfill. We are particularly concerned after hearing reports of air and water contamination paired with the undeniable fact that the Westmoreland Sanitary Landfill has been accepting oil and gas waste for the last 10 years. In an effort to mitigate the toxic leachate contaminated by oil and gas waste discharged into the Monongahela River, the PA DEP has foolishly recommended the landfill construct a leachate evaporator that would pump harmful emissions into the air, wrecking the air quality of the region. 


The response to our survey has been overwhelming. The impacts residents reported go far beyond citations the landfill has so far received from the PA DEP. Residents reported sludge on the roadways discharging into streams and rivers and other nuisances. Additionally, several residents said they have changed daily routines to avoid further contamination. It is clear that residents have been deprived of their property rights and the enjoyments and use of their property.