Current Proposed Wells

What Is Happening Now?

After a flurry of hastily prepared January and February Zoning Hearing Board meetings designed to appease Apex Energy LLC, the Beattie, Draftina, Numis, and White well sites and the Poseidon site proposed by Huntley & Huntley have been approved by the Penn Township Board of Commissioners and the Zoning Hearing Board.

On December 5, 2016, Penn Township settled their $380 million dollar lawsuit with Apex. Not only did Penn Township agree to automatically approve Beattie and Draftina, they agreed to allow the ZHB to hear the Backus, Drakulic, Deutsch, Numis and White sites.


Beattie, Draftina and White were all previously denied by the Zoning Hearing Board.

Click here to see the settlement. 

Click on link to see "Findings of Fact and Conclusion of Law" on Beattie, Draftina, White, Numis and Poseidon.

Click here to view video of the hearings for the Backus, Deutsch and Drakulic sites.


How is the local government going to protect us when they will allow "fracking" to occur in over 60% of the township?

We feel while the township's attempt to enact an ordinance that would protect the people may have been well intentioned, it was not well thought out as was in the case of the Mineral Extraction Overlay (MEO).  While drillers continue to set their sites on our neighborhoods, we are in the process of trying to uncover how the MEO came into existence, and why the commissioners would vote to completely change over 60% of our township overnight.  


On December 1st, 2015 Community Development Director, Dallas Leonard read a memorandum which we will include on our website as well as other important information learned about the 7 wells currently proposed from Apex.  In addition there are 8 they are aware of from Huntley & Huntley.  Please note that no Huntley and Huntley applications have been received by the township.  With 15 well pads, Mr. Leonard expressed that he thinks this would be the "saturation point" for the township and while he maintains that "he is not for or against it" he also stated “anything more would be just too much" and "this is the most significant decision this township has ever faced."


Our position at Protect PT is that Unconventional Gas Development is known to be a heavy industrial process and allowing one well in the Mineral Extraction Overlay (MEO) will only open the flood gates for future gas development and violate the constitutional rights of the residents of this and other surrounding communities.  In an article by the Post Gazette, we were asked about the townships response. Click Here to read article.  

Proposed wells awaiting permit approval:


Aphrodite Well Site

Wildness Road Jeanette, PA 15644

Previously denied; now approved with conditions:


Beattie Central Pad (9 wells) -

1122 Dutch Hollow Road, south of the intersection with Lux Road


Draftina Central Pad (5 wells) -

1051 Dutch Hollow Road, at the Slack Road intersection


White Well Pad (5 wells) - Claridge-Elliott Road, 39 acres

Approved with conditions:

Poseidon Well Site (unknown, estimated 12 wells) 2001 Snyder Road, Jeanette, PA 15644


Numis Well Pad (2 wells) -Pleasant Valley and Beulah Road intersection, 136 acres)


Backus Well Pad- Top Shop Manufacturing (Sedona Lane and Meadowbrook, 70 acres)

-number of wells unknown


Deutsch Well Pad (6 wells) -1291 Saunders Station Road


Drakulic Well Pad (10 wells) 

 - 1059 First Street


Metis Well Site-

1260 Harrison City Export Road, on Schramm's Farm


Gaia Well Site- 

2002 Denmark Manor Road



Quest Well Pad (2wells) -Off Walton Road

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