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Fracking waste truck spilling toxic waste

Send a Message to your Legislators About Toxic Oil and Gas Waste 

How are you exposed to oil and gas waste?

Watch our conversation with Dr. John Stolz about how new bills in PA and OH could impact your exposure to radioactive oil and gas waste. Take action now to stop the spread of oil and gas waste on roads.


Whether you live in Ohio or Pennsylvania you can fill out the form below to send a message to your legislators about bills in your state (the form will automatically direct you to the correct messaging based on your state).

Read about bills in OH:

HB 282 would make AquaSalina (a de-icing product made from oil and gas waste and sold in hardware stores) a commodity. This product contains Radium 226 and Radium 228. “The bill allows for any person to use the “commodity” for ice and dust control. The long-term impact for private use is unknown. Regarding its radioactive content, commercial use for road-spreading and person use at home present entirely different human exposure risks.” 

Bills in PA

HB 1353/ SB 645, HB 1354/ SB 644, AND HB 1355/ SB 646 are intended to close the loopholes in PA legislation that allow oil and gas waste to go untested and un-regulated. House Bill 2925/S.B. 645 would include drilling waste in the SWMA’s definition of hazardous waste. House Bill 2926/S.B. 644 would repeal the language in the SWMA that exempts oil and gas industries from testing or treating drilling wastewater before disposal. House Bill 2927/S.B. 646 would subject oil and gas waste to testing before it is accepted in or released from municipal and sanitary landfills. That would prevent landfills from acting as a gateway for hazardous and radioactive waste to enter our drinking water via wastewater treatment facilities.

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