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The Mariner East 2 #HaltMarinerNow project is a collaboration with Protect PT, Del-Chesco United for Pipeline Safety, Middletown Coalition for Community Safety. and Mountain Watershed Association with a goal of engaging and educating the public in a pressure campaign to demand that Governor Tom Wolf and the Public Utility Commission(PUC) to halt the Mariner East expansion project.

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Protect PT Mariner East Pipeline Campaign

The Mariner East II pipeline construction by Sunoco has continued to subject Pennsylvanians to reckless operations that threaten the their health and safety and that of the environment. In March of this year, the district attorneys of both Chester and Delaware County and the office of the state attorney general have opened criminal investigations into the actions of Sunoco. You can read a brief history of what has transpired here


In October 2018, Del Chesco United for Pipeline Safety released the Final Quantitative Risk Assessment Of Sunoco’s Mariner East Pipeline Project. This assessment, conducted in Delaware and Chester Counties, found several risks to residents living along this pipeline project. The threshold for detection of a leak is above that which would cause an explosion. Even worse, the risk of explosion doubles in areas that have two pipelines in the same easement, which is the case with the Mariner East l and ll pipelines.

Sunoco has had major violations in Westmoreland County as well.  They currently have 14 violations for dumping drilling fluids into local streams, lakes and other bodies of water. Most notably, Sunoco paid $556,000 in fines after repeatedly spilling at Loyalhanna Lake and they have still not completely remediated the damage.

Sunoco’s operations have endangered Pennsylvanians for far too long. Protect PT has lauched a letter-writing campaign to urge the PA attorney general and the Westmoreland County attorney general to investigate Sunoco's operations in our area. 

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Sunoco Pipeline LP’s proposed Mariner East 2 Pipeline Project, a.k.a. the Pennsylvania Pipeline Project, includes two additional pipelines parallel to an existing Sunoco pipeline route.  The project would enable highly explosive Natural Gas Liquids to be carried more than 300 miles, crossing 17 Pennsylvania counties and hundreds of streams and wetlands. It would have a profound negative impact on Pennsylvanians’ health, safety and welfare as well as the preservation of our environment.


Many of the landowners who have refused to grant a right-of-way for the pipeline have been sued by Sunoco under the laws governing eminent domain. Sunoco’s use of eminent domain to force the establishment of individual easements is currently being challenged in courts both by property owners and the Clean Air Council.


In order to construct the two additional lines, Sunoco must obtain permits from the PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for earth disturbances and for the crossing of waterways and wetlands. These are known as Chapter 102 and Chapter 105 permits. Sunoco has submitted applications for each of the 17 affected counties which are now under technical review by DEP.


To view the full applications, visit:

Click here for more information on: "Anatomy of a Pipeline Explosion: Salem, PA" submitted OCTOBER 4, 2016 by MIKE SPILLE.

How is Mariner East 2 different from other gas lines in our area? 

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