Penn Township Injection Well Ordinance


Penn Township Commissioners took comments from the previous public hearing and implemented changes based on those comments which strengthen the performance standards in the ordinance language. This will ensure that future operators in Penn Township will have a clear understanding of what is expected in order to conduct business in the Township. To read the ordinance visite the Penn Township Ecode page

What is an injection well?


From the EPA website "An injection well is used to place fluid underground into porous geologic formations. These underground formations may range from deep sandstone or limestone to a shallow soil layer. Injected fluids may include water, wastewater, brine (salt water), or water mixed with chemicals.


Injection wells are used to dispose of wastewater produced during the fracking process as well as other hazardous fluids from different operations. It can contain high concentrations of salt, brine, as well as many toxic chemicals and radioactive material. There are many risks associated with injection wells including increased seismic activity, truck traffic impacts, and water air and noise pollution. Protection from these risks requires stringent laws designed to monitor activity and pollution at the injection sites. 



The proposed Penn Township ordinance is insufficient to protect safety and health.


Penn Township recently amended their Chapter 190 ordinance pertaining to Waste Injection Wells associated with unconventional gas development. Protect PT commented on this ordinance (see below for our comments) but never received a response from the Township Commissioners regarding our comments. The additions and comments we made to the draft ordinance are critical because the additional requirements serve to protect residents from harms associated with waste injection wells including noise, traffic impacts, and air quality issues.


Public comment is an important component to introducing new legislation and should be made at the hearing. We encourage our supporters to submit written comments in advance of the hearing so they can be given consideration before the vote.


The Public Hearing for comment on the zoning amendments will be held February 21, 2018, at 6:00 p.m. at the Commissioners Business Meeting. 2001 Municipal Ct. Harrison City, PA 15636






Click here to read Protect PT's additional requirements comments


Ward 1 Commissioner, Jeff Shula:

Ward 2 Commissioner, Grant Pence:

Ward 3 Commissioner, Chuck Konkus:

Ward 4 Commissioner, Tim Gwynn:

Ward 5 Commissioner, Larry Harrison:


Penn Township Westmoreland County

2001 Municipal Court

Harrison City, PA 15636 

Let your voice be heard!


1.Write and email the township commissioners about your concerns with waste injection wells, encouraging them to incorporate Protect PT’s comments. See below for a list of commissioner contacts. 


2.Come to the public hearing scheduled for 21st and let the commissioners know first hand how you feel about this subject.

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