How to Find Who Has A Gas Lease In Our Community


Westmoreland County Recorder of Deeds Website


Follow these directions:

1 In “Municipality” field enter 'Penn' (or any municipality you wish to search).

2 Set “Recorded Between” to any start date you would like to search, for example, January 01, 2010

3 Under the “Document Category” highlight 'MISC'.

4 Click on the “Detail Data” button.

5 You can also narrow the search by entering an organization name, or first & last name, or just a last name to find leases (Apex


**If you have the instrument number you can look it up on and do an ‘Instrument Search’


Description of what you will find:

Not everything listed on that page will be oil & gas leases, some will be Power of Attorneys etc, so look for the Document Type to be 'Oil & Gas lease' or sometimes just a 'lease' with the 'Grantee' to be the name of an oil & gas company.  To load the second page of documents click on the 'Detail Data 201-?' button on the bottom left of the page.  If you find a lease of interest, you can click on 'Display Doc' to view or print all the pages listed.  If you can’t view documents, you need to download viewer:


Finding more details for locations: 

This site only lists 'Tax Map ID#' for a location.  To find out more about the possible property location, cut and paste the Tax Map ID# using this website:  


Click on the 'Real Property With Mapping' option, and paste the Tax Map ID# in the 'Search by Map Number' option and then click 'submit'.  Once that loads, click on the red 'Map Number' associated with the property to get more details for the property & property owner.  


Please Note: On mobile devices (including ipads/tablets) the entire document may not be visible.  You must use a laptop or desktop computer. This is best viewed on Google Chrome browser.


What is a Split-Estate

We have found instances in Penn Township of Split-Estates: an estate where the property rights to the surface and the underground are split between two parties.  This happens when farmers or large landowners sell the land for residential development and retain the mineral rights to be sold at their discretion.  This means drilling may occur underneath or on the property because someone else has the rights to the oil and gas that lie underneath.  In many cases, the people who actually live on the land have no idea that their land can be drilled.


Here are some examples that we believe to be Split Estates in Penn Township:

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