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Thank you for supporting your community by sharing giving a membership to Protect PT


It is with the help of members like you that we are able to continue our efforts to ensure our safety, security, and quality of life from the effects of unconventional gas development in the Penn-Trafford area.


With the support of concerned individuals like you, we are able to provide free bipartisan educational events, outreach and empowerment to residents in the PT area, insight to local government procedures, and provide access to legal experts to defend our constitutional rights. In 2018 we will continue to pursue legal avenues in order to prevent the violation of your constitutional rights. Our goal is to expand our educational programs, environmental monitoring resources and community outreach to fulfill our mission of ensuring the safety, security and quality of life for people in Penn-Trafford and surrounding communities.


Come visit us at 3337 Route 130, Harrison City, PA 15636 to pick up educational materials and talk about your concerns.

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