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🎨 Calling all student artists! 🌿

Join Protect PT's environmental student art contest with the theme "The Environment and/or Nature"! Show your talent, raise awareness, and win cash prizes!

📅 Submissions due: May 11

🎉 Gallery exhibition: May 20

📚 Open to students in grades 5-12, all skill levels welcome!

Unleash your creativity, make an impact, and be part of something incredible. Let's celebrate nature and protect our planet through the power of art!

Rules for Submissions


  1. The subject matter or theme of the submission is The Environment and/or Nature.

  2. The work may be flat, such as drawings, paintings, or photography, or three-dimensional, such as sculptures or installations.  Each submission must be accompanied by a digital image of the work.

    • If the work is flat, it must be framed, matted, or otherwise ready to hang, and may not be so heavy as to require special fixtures to hang on a drywall wall.

    • If the work is three-dimensional, it must be free-standing, may be no larger than 3 feet square by 5 feet tall, and may not weigh more than 150 pounds. A total of 4 three dimensional art pieces will be displayed. If there are in excess of 4 submissions in this category, the pieces displayed will be selected by the panel of judges.

  3. All work must be original, and be conceived, executed, and completed by the artist submitting the work. Composites such as collages, may contain the work of others, but by and large the composition must be original and by the artist submitting the work. Any decision regarding the originality of the work will be made by the judges, in their sole discretion, and their decision will be final.

  4. Only one submission per person will be permitted.

  5. Anyone wishing to submit work must complete the online form indicating the name of the artist, the type of work (flat, three dimensional), the title of the piece, the age and grade of the artist, and where the artist is from. This form is due no later than May 11.

  6. All work must be submitted no later than May 11. (early submissions encouraged). Submission is complete by bringing the work to 3344 Pennsylvania Route 130, Suite B (educational suite), and mounted, hung, or otherwise installed by the artist.

  7. All work submitted must remain on the site for the duration of the exhibition.

  8. The work will be juried by a panel of judges selected by Protect PT and one prize each will be awarded to (a) High School Artists (grades 9-12) $500.00 prize; and (b) Junior Artists (grades 5-8) $100.00 prize. The prizes will be awarded based on the decisions of the jurors who will be selected by Protect PT in its sole discretion. The jurors' decisions will be final and not subject to any appeal.

  9. One prize will be awarded in each category (High School and Junior) based on Community Voting; High School: $100.00 and Junior: $50.00.

    • Community Voting will take place online from May 12 through May 19, 2023. Any community member may vote one time;

    • Votes will be tabulated by Protect PT at the close of business on May 19, 2023 (5:00 PM). In the event of a tie, the winner will be selected between the works involved in the tie, by one of the jurors, whose decision will be final.

  10. The work must be removed or taken down from the exhibition space by June 9. Any work remaining after June 9 will be disposed of at the discretion of Protect PT.

For questions, contact or call 724-392-7023.

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