Citizens 4 Plum is a state incorporated non-profit organization that is dedicated to advocating on behalf of community residents to protect the community and natural environment from industrial activities such as unconventional oil and natural gas and injection well development in areas outside of those zoned industrial in Plum Borough.​

What You Need To Know:

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) held a public hearing on the proposed conversion of the Sedat 3A well (a conventional gas well) in Plum Borough, Allegheny County to a waste injection well, which will dispose of liquid waste from oil and gas development in the region.​

Penneco Environmental Solutions has proposed the creation of a waste injection well that will accept


2.3 million gallons per month of industrial water waste, making it the largest injection well in Pennsylvania.


Approximately 19 tanker trucks transporting industrial industrial waste will be driving into the community of Plum Borough every day.

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Tell The DEP that Plum doesn't want to be a toxic waste dump!

Act Now: The deadline to make a comment

on the record is October 9th, end of business.

Here are the main risks that prove the injection well is not safe for Plum Borough:


Health Concerns:

  • Increased truck traffic (19 or more a day) will increase air pollution.

  • Pollution to groundwater and drinking water will harm the community and entire Pittsburgh region.



Community Impacts:

  • Wastewater injection is an industrial disposal process and should be restricted to industrial zones.

  • This industrial waste dump will likely impact the community and the region for years to come.



Environmental Risks:

  • The geology of Plum is unique with a history of mining in the area which makes it a high risk to local private well water sources, the risk of damage to underground mines creating mine subsidence and other environmental hazards.

  • The well’s close proximity to Pucketa Creek, a tributary of the Allegheny River, which is the main drinking water source for multiple local water authorities, means this project could present a high risk to human health from water contamination.

  • The health, safety, welfare, and constitutional rights of the citizens of Plum should be the top priority of our local and state government, not industry’s wishes.

Why are you on Protect PT's Website?

While Protect PT is primarily focused on the Penn-Trafford area, part of our mission is to help other communities because environmental and social justice issues are human issues that impact us regionally and globally. The issues that face Plum are issues that concern our entire region due to the potenial for widespread contamination of industrial waste from the proposed injection well in Plum.

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