No More CNX Operations Near Beaver Run

"By permitting the continued operations of CNX in such close proximity to the Beaver Run Reservoir, DEP is jeopardizing the clean drinking water for thousands of people. We cannot continue waiting for yet another violation by CNX that leads to the contamination of this critical water source for so many Pennsylvanians. We are requesting the Department utilize their broad authority to protect to the public health, safety and environment and suspend all permits for CNX’s operations at the Shaw Well Site."

Protect PT and Westmoreland Marcellus Citizens' Group

Publish Beaver Run

Water Quality Analysis Report

After the well blowout incident at the Beaver Run Reservoir in January we felt a need to examine what impacts natrual gas drilling could have on the water quality. Follow the link below to download our full report on the findings. 

Public Meeting


On Feb. 28, 2019 Westmoreland Marcellus Citizen's Group, Mountain Watershed Assoc. and Protect PT hosted a public meeting to address the gas well incident at Beaver Run Reservoir. Representatives of PA DEP, gas company CNX, and the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County(MAWC) invited. PA DEP and CNX declined our invitation. MAWC agreed to come present their information and answer questions. See the information below to learn more.


Video of the meeting courtesy of Bob Donnan

Press Release

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Meeting Handout

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Responses to Invitation-CNX-DEP

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Write to PA DEP


We are asking the PA DEP to stop all of CNX's operations at the reservoir and protect our drinking water. 

Click here to send an electronic letter. 

Or click the image below to download and print the letter to mail it. 

Letter to DEP

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What is fracking?

Have a look at some of the information on our webpages to better understand the fracking process and how it can impacts people and the environment. 


"Fracking" 101

Fracking in Your Neighborhood

Water Well Testing


Johns F. Stolz, Ph.D

Duquesne University


Wells at Beaver Run Reservoir

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